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What can be better than playing all day long?
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We, the Kids Hub Entertainment team, take pride in caring and playing with the kids.
Image by Jerry Wang

The playing area is safe

for children


We make sure that the air is fresh and all surfaces are clean. You won't find any dirty toxic or allergenic materials here.

We are bright and spacious, lots of sunshine and huge windows.

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We choose our

kids club attendants carefully

We do not employ random people. All specialists have experience in working with  children.

Our playground attendants know child and adults development psychology.

We train all playground attendants to work in the play area.


Image by Markus Spiske

Toys with which you forget about everything in the world


We have lots of  toys and creative entertainment ideas for kids.

Personal age approach is our everything. We have toys for children of all ages (wallgames.

Everything our little visitors' touch is perfectly clean and disinfected.

New safe regulations to make sure your children are safe in our play area. Read More

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