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Children's Toys
Baby with Toys

50 AED
75 AED

Weekdays, morning

Weekdays, afternoon & Weekends

35 AED

Extra Hour

110 AED

1-Hour Drop-Off

75 AED

Additional Hour

Games for toddlers


- Motor skills development;

- Gross motor play;

- Sensory exploration;

- Early learning concepts;

- Interactive books;

- Musical toys;

- Outdoor & water play;

- Creative play.

Games for 6+

- Board games;

- Strategy games;

- Educational Games;

- Creative and Artistic Activities;

- Science and Exploration;

- Building and Construction;

- Team sport and activities;

- Strategy video games (with kids club attendance guidelines )

Why our playground?

- Educational Emphasis;

- Diverse and Safe play zone;

- Qualified and caring staff;

- Innovating gaming programs;

- Clean and well maintained facility;

- Parental Community;

- Flexible Membership options;

- A to Z organisation of your kids leisure.

Get in touch

For assistance and the latest info on memberships, perks, and monthly offers, click to WhatsApp us now.

Creative Approach

We create unique and engaging games for children that are both educational and entertaining. Our team of experts design interactive experiences that promote learning and development in a fun and exciting way.

On Time Delivery

We understand the importance of delivering our games on time. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that our clients receive their customized games within the agreed upon timeframe, or they get their money back.

Personalized Attention

We believe in providing personalized attention to each of our clients. Our team takes the time to understand your specific requirements and preferences, and we tailor our games to meet your unique needs.

High Quality Standards

We adhere to national standards of quality and safety in the development of our games. Our team follows strict guidelines to ensure that our games are not only entertaining, but also safe and suitable for children of all ages.

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