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School Trip & Group Visits

Educational Relevance

At Kids Hub, we go beyond typical playgrounds by offering a holistic play experience that values each child's uniqueness.


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Ceramic coloring

Liquid art

Gypsum figure coloring sparks kids' creativity, hones fine motor skills, and offers relaxation. It's an educational, fun activity that fosters focus, imagination, and bonding.

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3d cardboard 

Arts & Crafts

3D Cardboard Figures: Build, Color, Create! Kids assemble and color these engaging figures, unleashing their creativity. This hands-on activity enhances fine motor skills, sparks imagination, and provides hours of educational fun.

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Messy play

Playdough, slimes and more

Exploring Messy Play: Rice, Pasta, Waterbeds, and Nature! Kids dive into sensory experiences using everyday materials and natural elements. This hands-on play promotes sensory development, creativity, and a deeper connection with the world around them.

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Physical Experience

We offer a sprawling maze, standing at 4 meters in height with three floors and a 10-meter width, featuring diverse activity sets. For extended stays, we have a treehouse, climbing and stretching walls, as well as interactive wall games.

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Educational Toys

Play and Learning: Magnetic Tiles, Building Blocks, STEAM Boards, and Climbing Walls! Our wide selection of toys and educational games inspire creativity, critical thinking, and physical activity. Dive into a world of fun and exploration today!

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Active Games

Sports Competitions, Tug of Wars, Toss Games, and Team Challenges!


Enjoy our outdoor garden with a sand table, sensory trays, and breathtaking marina views.

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What we have

We provide diverse toys 🧸, puzzles 🧩, books 📚, and 🎨 programs to engage the mind and spirit, ensuring a safe, supervised, and enriching space for children to explore and grow. We believe every child's playtime should be uniquely tailored to them.


Tailor your experience

We work with small & large groups. Kids will have access to entire KH playground and can enjoy multiple programs. 



Price entry  set of 2 hr:

A) 45 AED stay & play only

B) 65 AED -  2 chosen activities

C) 75 AED - 3 chosen activities

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Immerse your child in captivating field trips carefully crafted to enhance their educational journey. Our experiences are thoughtfully designed to engage, entertain, and align with your learning goals.

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